Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Dr.Rohanbabu is pacing the hall up and down. His hands are holding one another at his back! There is a frown on his face. He is in deep thought contemplating on some new project.
Dr.Babu suddenly stops pacing, picks up the phone and summons one of his aides by name Muthiah to discuss with him a concept that has just germinated in his 'fertile' brain.
As soon as Muthiah arrives, Dr.Babu gets to brass tacks. He declares to Muthiah that he intends to start an institute to teach management to aspiring students.
'Quality education?' queries Muthiah; himself an eminent educationist.
'Not necessarily. But it will be practical education' clarifies Dr.Babu.
Muthiah being a committed educationist immediately goes in to planning mode and innocently reminds that a vast area of land will be required to start a campus.
'We will manage it with the state. I have buddies both in the opposition as well as the ruling parties' says Dr.Babu.
I want to have it affiliated to IIM-A dictates Dr.Babu.
'That may not be possible' a shocked Muthiah blurts trying to hide the expression of shock on his face.
'Don't worry, we will manage it. I have friends in the centre' assures Dr.Babu.
'What about the faculty, sir?', Muthiah seeks enlightenment!
'Don't worry,we will manage it by drawing faculty from our existing institutes' reassures Dr.Babu.
'But we do not have faculty who can teach management subjects', a surprised Muthiah observes.
'Don't worry.Let them teach whatever they can teach. It is after all management. We will manage it', an axiomatic reply from Dr.Babu!
'What about the practical part that you have mentioned?' asks Muthiah.
'I will teach it myself' confirms Dr.Babu.
On this one idea, Muthiah looked convinced. He had seen 'Babu'manage successfully to become 'Dr.Babu'.
'What about student placement?' queries Muthiah.
'We will do some "Jugad" like...'
Before Dr.Babu unfolded his strategy, the alarm clock gave out the wake up ring and my dream ( nightmare) broke.
After all, it was a dream!. I heaved a sigh of relief...