Friday, October 23, 2009

Whenever a child is born,so are grand parents!!

It was a great event in our lives. It happened on the 7th of october -my birth day.
Shreyas was born in South Seminole Hospital,Orlando,Florida. After a tough labour,my daughter Gayatri gave birth to Shreyas. The attending doctor was Dr.Bishop supported very efficiently and tirelessly by nurse Ramona.
My wife Durga was by our daughter Gayatri's side chanting prayers. It was very gallant of Durga to be there comforting Gayatri and fighting back tears welling up in her eyes while watching her daughter undergoing painful labour.Only a mother can do that. It is very rightly said that as God can not be everywhere,He created mothers- mothers like Durga!
Presence of Dr Shailaja Nadkarni (fondly called as 'Amma' ) all through provided a great emotional support system besides the professional reassurance that she as a doctor gave to Durga, Gayatri and Kishore-the expecting Dad.
At 6:22PM EST, Shreyas was born into this world. After the first bath, Shailaji took Shreyas to the window to give him the first glimpse of the Sun god- our 'prathyaksha daivam'.
Whenever a child is born so are grand parents!!
Durga became 'Ammamma'! and myself 'Tata'!!
My son Harish is thrilled to have become a 'mama'.
As parents ourselves with two beautiful children between us, we still felt thrilled at the arrival of this little one who as vishwakavi Rabindranath Tagore said brought the divine message that God continues to have faith in human beings!
It was around 4AM in India, by which time a photograph of Shreyas was emailed to his mama Harish, who inturn transmitted it to all our near and dear immediately. My elder brother 'Subrahmanyam annayya', complimented us and said that we have all become grandparents yet again.
How grand is grandparenthood!! Thank you Shreyas...


  1. Pranams, Tatayya

    (Rishtey mein aap mere tata hein..Naam hein Chinnu)

    1)Gayatri shares her birthday with my mother, and is a pinni to me !

    2)Shreyas is the name of our own house at Vizag.

    Mere coincidences ??

    I doubt it.

  2. Sashank beta
    So nice to read your comments.The world appears small if we are able to keep our hearts big!
    See how much we all have in common.This is so much only at the gross level.We are but one at the subtle level!
    Jeete raho!

  3. Hello baabai! Just happened by your blog. This is great reading - wonderful thoughts and very lucid expression.

  4. Hello ammalu(Mani)
    Thanks for your nice comments.Comments from dears like you are precious!.Keep visiting.