Sunday, October 25, 2009

Antardrishti, the magic formula!

Some years back,I read a story in a telugu magazine. Though a little on the lighter side,it has a message. The story goes like this. God once visited this earth taking on himself human form to have a look at the way that his creation is. Some how word went around that God is at a particular place in a particular form of a human being. Sooner people started flocking around him. Quickly there collected a sea of humanity. Each person has a wish or two to be asked from him. A torrent of wishes!
God felt bamboozled and helpless!
He starts running away from the crowd. The humans start chasing God carrying their wish lists along. Afterall it is their home ground!
A worried (?) God in the front and a sea of humanity following him in a chase!
Just then,an old woman with a hay stack on her head came walking towards them. She looks askance at the man in the front and enquires as to who he is and why he is running away from the crowd. The conversation goes like this.
Old woman: "Who are you?"
The person:"I am God."
Old woman:"Who are running behind you?"
The person:"They are my creation."
Old woman:"Why at all are you running away from them?"
The person:"I have no time to talk to you. Kindly suggest a place where I can
hide from them."
Old woman:"If you are God, you better hide in their hearts because that is the only
place where they do not search for you!"
There is lesson in what the old woman hinted at.
We do not feel lonely and forlorn if we look inwards.


  1. Dear mama, ubhayakushalopari. entho vilakshanamuga vishishtamuga undhi.

    Couldnt help but appreciate the style as much as the substance.

    Will stay tuned for more,

  2. Wow Babaigaru: Lovely translation. I found your blog! It was a pleasure talking with all of you today. Send a picture of Shreyas when you can.

    Best regards.


  3. Dear Kartikeya
    Nee telugu bhasha praveenyam mechhukotaggatuu undi.So also is your proficiency in english.I suggest that you should start a blog.Your idiom is good.

  4. Dears
    Thanks for visiting my blog.Keep doing it.
    Sivaprasad Tallapragada