Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Laaga Chunari mein daag!!

The other day I was baby sitting Shreyas, my grandson. My wife was doing some work in the kitchen. Gayatri and Kishore went to 'Babiesrus' to buy things for their son Shreyas.

The scene was 'picture perfect'! Sitting by the side of Shreyas, I was hearing to music on my laptop. Manna De was singing soulfully the song "Laaga Chunari mein daag" from the hindi film 'Dil hi to hai'.

Suddenly Shreyas started crying and I was at a loss to know what triggered this. I tried all known gimmicks to pacify him. His crying only became louder. It was then that my wife dashed an advice from the kitchen 'Laaga Chunari mein daag ani padutunnaadu kadandi, Diaper check cheyyandi(It is being sung that there is a patch, please check the diaper)'. Lo and Behold when I checked his diaper there was a blue patch on it -which appears when an infant pees!

What a telepathic prompt from my wife!

It is like Ammamma.com!

I always consider her as a SME(Subject Matter Expert) in such realms.This view of mine got further fortified after this incident.

After diaper change,Shreyas started playing.He looked enchanting and I tried to attract his attention by doing various antics.He seemed to be oblivious of my efforts and is dwelling in his own different world.Why this indifference?

I was trying to seek some enlightenment on this matter from my wife.

Just then Mannada started singing the last stanza of the song which is "woh duniya more babul ka ghar,yeh duniya sasural".This suddenly prompted an answer in my head.
If every child born in to this world is coming to his or her 'sasural',it is quite natural for it to feel a little shy initially.It is not indifference as I thought but shyness.
I got the enlightenment!


  1. Very nice write up uncle... I just got lost in it till i reached the end...

    You must be a expert story teller...

    Regret not having known this earlier.. would have caught up some sessions with you..:)

    Was telling harish the same!! he suggested i shud comment ...:)

    Warm Regards


  2. Hello,Ranjita
    Very happy to read your comments.Thanq.Writing blog posts,I felt,is one way of keeping myself busy.If good readers like you comment on my posts,I will feel that it is worth the while.
    Stay tuned.. Uncle

  3. Amazing articles uncle....all of them....reminiscent of the good old days :) ....Ammu and I often recollect many of your anecdotes/jokes.

  4. Wonderful blog tatagaru! Had read fun reading it. Your style of writing is very lucid and engrossing. Do have a look at my blog also.

  5. Hello,Harsha
    Thanq.Stay tuned.I will be visiting your blog.Stay tuned..tata